Environmental Monitoring
Air, Noise, Water, Effluent, Soil,
Hazardous Waste
Due Diligence
Indoor Air Quality
Environmental Clearance
Consents to Establish & Operate
Environmental Impact Assessment
Characterization/ Treatability/
Feasibility Studies
Characterization/ Treatability/
Feasibility Studies
Design of Sewage/Effluent
Treatment Plant
Operation & Maintenance- Sewage
& Effluent Treatment Plants
Noise Pollution Studies
Ventilation Studies
Legal Advice Environmental Matters

Mahabal Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (MEEPL) incorporated on 19th Oct., 1984 is a company engaged in providing environmental consultancy services.

Although the jurisdiction of the Head Office (Thane) extends all over the country with its 18 branches, it is independently assisted by the branches located all over Maharashtra and Chindwara in Madhya Pradesh, Bharuch in Gujarat, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, Ranchi in Bihar. The Branches do also have laboratories established either in the office or at the clientĄ¯s site for analysis of general parameters in Air, Water and Waste Water samples. We have offices (without laboratory) overseas as well.

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We are a customer centric organization and aim at delivering superior quality services to our clients. We are backed by our state-of-the-art infrastructure
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Mahabal Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
        Phone- +91-2225823139
         Email - thane@mahabal.com
Company is blessed with a talented and experienced team of professionals who have guided us in catering to various requirements...
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Our Laboratory is recognized under Sec. 12 & 13 of environment (Protection) Act, 1986 by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt.
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GC, AAS, Flame Photometer, Spectrometer, High Volume Sampler and Respirable Dust Sampler, Stack Monitoring Kit...
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